Explore the many benefits and advantages of using PATorganiser. Our asset compliance management software is an innovative solution designed for every size business. From small sole traders through to large enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

PAT Tester Compatibility

PATorganiser is download and upload compatible with a wide range of automated testers from popular brands – including the Seaward ‘Primetest Elite’. See more here.


A quick, simplistic view of assigned job schedules and asset scheduling task reminders, recent asset tests, and information on the status of reports completed or needing attention.

Periodic and Ad-hoc Job Scheduling

Automatically schedule and plan periodic tests for the entire asset register, or create ad-hoc events to ensure no asset is left non-compliant.

Import and Export Data

Import your existing databases, including CSV files and PATguard formats, into PATorganiser to simplify the implementation process, see how here. Export report data from PATorganiser in common formats when required.

Secure Data Storage

Store all data in one safe and secure environment for easy access at any-time from any device, utilising the strong security protocols as defined by AWS.

Manual Entry Testing

The simple-to-use manual entry system allows the addition of multiple test entries quickly and efficiently. Manage operational asset compliance tasks and keep track of the manual compliance testing and results. See how here.

Asset Management

Manage and keep track of operational assets and compliance through PATorganiser’s sleek interface using the multiple location hierarchy tool.

Account Manager

Receive dedicated access to a PATorganiser account manager to help with any questions, escalations or potential system upgrades and modifications.

Managed System Implementation

Utilise the expertise of the PATorganiser team to ensure your unique data and system configuration suits the needs of the organisation.

Comprehensive Reporting

The PATorganiser integrated reporting system ensures assets remain compliant and reporting requirements are fulfilled. Information is readily available at the click of a button.

Decommission or Quarantine Assets

Remove assets from operation but keep the history or take them out of service temporarily by placing them in quarantine. See how here.


Ensure all relevant documentation and information is readily available by adding attachments to locations, tests or assets.

Manage Locations and Access

Assign access to location managers across the hierarchy according to individual responsibilities, ensuring a defined escalation process and delegation of asset management tasks to the appropriate manager. See how here.

Cloud-based Access

Access to the system is readily available, without the need for installing any software – simply log into PATorganiser via your web browser and the system is ready to use.

Single Sign-On

Integrate PATorganiser with the rest of your business systems, using one set of user credentials to login with ease

Automated Asset Test Scheduling

Using the asset retest date, be notified when an asset is due for testing to ensure it remains safe and compliant

Operational Asset Compliance Management

Conduct tests on all fire, exit, safety and electrical assets to ensure safety and compliance of these asset types, enabling comprehensive reporting and management of your Essential Services Maintenance obligations.

Administer Data Lists

Control the data and drop down lists available to you, such as Asset Class, Test Type and Test Type Result. See how here.

Categorise Assets by Type

Categorise assets by their type to allow bulk edit, reporting and simplistic management of different types of assets.

Scheduled Email Reports and Reminders

Automate sending email notifications to be sent to area contacts for failed assets, overdue and upcoming tests.

Location Hierarchy

Assign and manage assets based on where they reside. Use the preconfigured client, site and location hierarchy or label as your own

Overdue Asset Report

A useful report detailing any Overdue Assets at Client/Site or Location level.

Short Codes

You can create your own Short Code Abbreviations in PATorganiser.


PATorganiser’s built in invoicing system allows you the flexibility to produce professional looking invoices.

Job Scheduling

Plan your day, week, or month with job scheduling in our in-built calendar.

Risk Assessments

PATorganiser’s universal risk assessment tool records details of any workplace hazards.


Scheduling re-tests, tasks & tester calibration dates is so easy with our calendar.


Emailing reports and invoices couldn’t get any easier.

Quick Setup Guide

An easy to follow guide to get you started with PATorganiser.

File Manager

Archived files and reports at your fingertips.

PATorganiser is compatible with an ever growing range of Portable Appliance Testers.

Our Pledge: PATorganiser Will Make You More Money Then It Costs You Or We’ll Make It Right

What Users Are Saying

“We could literally set up office anywhere, unlimited storage & did not have to worry about file management”

When we first developed Taskforce we knew we wanted to adopt modern technologies to not only make our job easier but in return be more efficient and return the costs ‘cut’ back to our customers. While researching for an asset management system it was clear there were many too choose from but PATorganiser was the only one in Australia that we identified as being developed as a ‘cloud based’ software. Read More…
“50% Cost and Time Savings For Reporting and Invoicing”

We used to have all our techs doing the work, while an admin person handled the reporting and invoicing. Now all my techs manage their own data downloads and send reports and invoices automatically from PATorganiser. The cost and time of managing these functions has decreased by at least 50%.
“See Everything In The One Place”

I particularly like the Dashboard. In an instant, I can glance at all customers completed and customers due in the next 2 weeks. Reporting and invoicing are built into the same system which saves a heap of time logging in and out of different programs.
“Handles Hundreds of Thousands of Tests With Ease”

Although we run a sophisticated job management system, we found that it just wasn’t up to the task of dealing with hundreds of thousands of tests that we carry out yearly on portable appliances. The fact that it is cloud based has made it simple for our whole team to get access to the data whenever we need it. I whole heartedly recommend PATorganiser.

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