Dashboard Overview – The Dashboard is the best thing next to actually having a personal assistant.

Our dashboard gives you a quick simple view of what projects, tasks you have scheduled. It displays reports completed and reports to do and an unique view of your recent testing activity.

What’s on today?

A very handy what’s coming up calendar view, you can edit your appointments or create new appointments from the Dashboard calender….never miss that all important re-test again.

Now did I do that report for….

Recent Reports is just what it says…a reminder of any recent reports that you have created. Just in case you had forgotten and remember all of your reports will automatically be saved under Files for your convenience.

Any reporting I need to do?

Reports To Do is a very handy reminder of any reports that you may need to send to your clients or organisation simply click on a reports to do entry and you will be immediately sent to the relevant client in the Organiser view, once you have created your report it will move from the Reports to do column to the Recent Reports column. All of your reports will automatically be saved under Files for your convenience.

Recent testing activity at a glance

The Recent Tests column is an immediate historical view of your recent testing activity of both manually and automatically downloaded test data. Easy to use simply click on an entry and PATorganiser will take you directly to the test results in question via the Organiser view. It really helps you keep on top of your recent activities and you can filter your results by 1 week, 2 week or 1 month view.

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