Secure Data Storage – PATorganiser stores all your files in a safe secure environment…….the Cloud.

Store all of your important test data in one secure spot for easy access at anytime from any device. 80% of small businesses do not recover from a situation where they have major data loss. This will would never be the issue with PATorganiser.

Data File Storage

As part of your Test and Tag responsibilities you may have a legal obligation to keep and store all of your reports and client files. If you take into account the amount of projects and individual tests you do each year we could be talking over 100,000 test reports in your system.

Does your current system cope with this kind of data? If you have any doubt then you need to take a good hard look at PATorganiser. Because we take the stress out of storing your data.

Filing Data Made Easy

Filing is generally not the strength of most small businesses, we understand you have many more important things to do, but with PATorganiser we take filing to a new level, a level of professionalism which your accountant will be proud of.

Simple to use and easy to access at a later date, our system is set up to save you time and to improve you and your staff’s productivity. Because lets face it no-one enjoys wasting time searching for a file or report from a job completed 18 months ago.

Accountability And Security

PATorganiser offers total accountability and security when it comes to maintaining portable appliance testing records, enabling images taken with any camera or phone to be tagged against sites, locations, asset IDs and test results. Providing complete evidence of visual inspection.

Files & Reports Retrieval

Excess your files, reports and their notes either by using a client name, a date range or date filter. Either way you will be able to find any of your old reports in our easy to search system.

Our storage system was designed by testers who continue to work in the test and tag industry. We have made the system as intuitive as possible.

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