Easy-To-Use Test and Tag Software That Gives In-House Testers Your Time Back

Makes test and tag audits faster AND more thorough at the same time

Saves you money by making it easy to do Portable Appliance Testing in-house

Ticks all the compliance boxes with detailed reports and secure file storage, forever

Trusted by clients including:

Slice Through All Your Portable Appliance Testing, Quickly And Easily

When portable appliance testing isn’t your core business, you want to “get in and get out” as quickly as possible – and yet legacy software and tools make it almost impossible to do just that.


PATorganiser is revolutionary because it allows even non-professional testers to slice through your test and tag obligations, while minimising drudgery and busywork.


In-house testing personnel report positive results like: being able to test more appliances per hour… ease of reporting… easier storage and retrieval of data…. so you can return to their core business sooner.

Manage All Your Tests Effortlessly At The

Site, Location and Asset Level

PATorganiser was built by a veteran Test and Tag business owner who was looking to make the process faster, simpler and more intuitive – even for non-professionals.


PATorganiser makes it easy for you to organise all your test data automatically at the site, location and asset level.


The software even doubles as a robust Asset Management software tool. You can add, edit, store, move, tag photos and manage your asset database with ease.

Generate Beautiful, Clear Reports In Seconds

With Just A Few Clicks

It’s one thing to conduct all your portable appliance testing in a compliant manner – but it’s another to document your tests clearly and correctly.


If you’re ever audited, or suffer a safety incident, then you could be the one in the firing line if your documentation isn’t up to scratch.


Luckily, PATorganiser has got your back. You can generate clean, easy-to-read reports in seconds with just a few mouse clicks.

Handy Scheduling Function Lets You

“Set and Forget”

A conventional calendar isn’t quite customised enough for portable appliance testing. Different jobs may need to be scheduled differently depending on the site, location or asset.


As a result, remembering when and what to test can become a hassle.  It chews up too much time. Delays or omissions can leave you exposed.


Now with PATorganiser, scheduling all your tests is a breeze.  With our integrated calendar and smart reminder system, you’ll never miss another test.

Connects Automatically With Over 20 Popular Testers (Plus ALL Manual Testers)

PATorganiser can accept data uploads from an ever growing list of Portable Appliance Testers with a combined market share of ~80% of the market.


Just download from your tester and upload to PATorganiser using our free app, PATconnect.


PATorganiser also stores data from any manual Portable Appliance Tester. With the user friendly manual mode, you can punch in manual testing results in just a few seconds.

Secure Data Storage In The Cloud: There Whenever Your Or A Client Needs It

PATorganiser is built in the cloud, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure hosting infrastructure.


This means you can access data anywhere you have an internet connection – on any PC desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.


Need to refer back to a previous report? Got a client who needs their latest report “yesterday”? No problem – the data is available whenever you or a client needs it.

PATorganiser allows in-house testers to conduct portable appliance testing in a fast, easy and compliant manner – so you can get back to your core business sooner.

Unlimited features. No credit card required.

Packed With Productivity-Boosting

and Time Saving Features

Dashboard Overview

See upcoming tasks, recent reports, upcoming appointments and more – all in the one place.

Asset Management

Organise your test data manually or automatically at the client, site, location or asset level.

Tester Compatible

Works with all manual testers, and accepts data uploads from a wide range of the most popular tester brands.

Push-button Reporting

Generate beautiful reports for clients or management at the touch of a button, then email directly in PDF format.

Automatic Scheduling

Plan your day, week or month with job scheduling via the in-built calendar. Set recurring events and share with your team.

Built-in Invoicing

Test… report… invoice… all from the same system. Save on admin overheads so you can focus on what adds value.

Desktop or Tablet

PATorganiser is optimised to work on nay internet-connected PC desktop, laptop or tablet device.

Safe & Secure

All your PATorganiser data is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure hosting network, protected by industry-standard 256-bit encryption.

Business-Friendly Pricing

Pay only for the users you need.

Per User
Per User
Per User
$29/ mo $25/ mo $22/ mo

Backed By The Industry’s First
Return On Investment Guarantee

Hear What Other Users Are Saying

  • Rob Smith
    Rob SmithKandu Preventative Maintenance

    “50% Cost and Time Savings For Reporting and Invoicing”

    We used to have all our techs doing the work, while an admin person handled the reporting and invoicing. Now all my techs manage their own data downloads and send reports and invoices automatically from PATorganiser. The cost and time of managing these functions has decreased by at least 50%.

    • Patrick Liston
      Patrick ListonPatrick Liston, Electrical Test and Tag Service

      “See Everything In The One Place”

      I particularly like the Dashboard. In an instant, I can glance at all customers completed and customers due in the next 2 weeks. Reporting and invoicing are built into the same system which saves a heap of time logging in and out of different programs.

      • David Bassett
        David BassettDMX Electrical

        “Handles Hundreds of Thousands of Tests With Ease”

        Although we run a sophisticated job management system, we found that it just wasn’t up to the task of dealing with hundreds of thousands of tests that we carry out yearly on portable appliances. The fact that it is cloud based has made it simple for our whole team to get access to the data whenever we need it. I whole heartedly recommend PATorganiser.

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