At PATorganiser we believe that not only do you need a premium software product to run your Test and Tag programme but you also need the appropriate training to stay on top of your workload and client base. We are often asked where can I find good quality training in the Testing & Tagging of Portable Electrical Appliances to Australian Standards 3760 & 3012. We understand that Test & Tag Training provide just the standard of training that our PATorganiser customers are looking for.

Below is an extract from Test & Tag Training Services web site and we hope it helps you find the professional training you are looking for.


The PATorganiser Team

Full Range of Test & Tag Training Services

Test & Tag Training is a Registered Training Organisation offering a full range of training services to cater for the Testing & Tagging of Portable Electrical Appliances to Australian Standards 3760 & 3012.

If you’re looking to take part in a one day test and tag course, our highly qualified instructors will take you through every aspect of the Standards, while also providing participants with the relevant knowledge to competently carry out testing and tagging of all types of Electrical Appliances.

Test & Tag Training currently has training locations in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, with facilities designed for an enjoyable and practical learning experience. Other new training venues will be coming soon in Hobart, Darwin & Cairns.

Sufficient One on One Training

Our courses are limited to a small number of students to ensure that all who attend are given sufficient one on one contact with our instructor. Courses are available on a weekly basis and we are flexible with dates to cater for your needs.

If you need to Test and Tag appliances within your own facility or starting up a business by providing the service for other businesses, Test & Tag Training will equip you with all the knowledge and equipment to start you off on the right track.

Upon successful completion of our course, you will be deemed as a “Competent Person” and be qualified to carry out Testing and Tagging to the Australian Standards 3760 and 3012.

Participants will be trained on the latest technology using a wide range of Portable Appliance Testers.

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Call them on 1300 848 302 to find out when the next course is on in your area.