Predominantly this is a question we don’t get asked very often at PATorganiser, but is one that should be aired.

However, most of the people we encounter at PATorganiser take calibration and having correct operational Test and Tag testing equipment very seriously, but it’s still important to look at the reasons why calibrating a PAT tester is so important.

Well the simple reason calibration is so important is because without it a PAT tester can drift from the manufacturers specifications.

This essentially means that the basis for pass and fail may alter over time. This then leads to false test readings, which in itself can be a dangerous consequence.

What’s important is whether you are confident in the results you are getting. Through having your PAT tester calibrated, you can be sure that it is performing accurately.

If you choose to ignore calibration time and just carry on, how can you be absolutely sure that the appliances you are passing are actually safe, how do you know that the readings you are getting are accurate?

Well the answer is, you don’t. And this is the risk you take choosing not to calibrate equipment.

So, when looking at the consequences of not calibrating equipment, these are all possibilities:

  1. Test readings are inaccurate
  2. These inaccurate test readings distort your results and whether you pass or fail an item
  3. If an item you passed causes a shock of fire, you then have to prove this wasn’t the fault of your equipment
  4. With a calibration you could easily prove that your equipment is sound and when you tested the appliance it was in perfect working order.

At the end of the day we at PATorganiser agree it is worth calibrating your PAT tester and we have a great way of managing these test dates from within our PATorganiser Calender function.

Thank you,

The PATorganiser support team.