Is PATguard Software holding your business back? 

There are many reasons you may be considering the switch to PATorganiser.

  • Does PATguard software disrupt you with frequent version and database updates?
  • Is PATguard software clunky AND overly complicated?
  • Are you tied to a desktop with Windows-only software?
  • Do you need a networked database that you can access anywhere from any device?

Change your world today with PATorganiser cloud test and tag software

Our cloud based Test & Tag Software is an innovative solution packed with features to make your industry compliance requirements a breeze.

Perfect for customers ranging from enterprise customers looking to manage their asset test and tag compliance through to test and tag industry operators.

Import PATguard database

Upload your existing PATguard databases into PATorgansier in seconds. Using the PATorganiser database import wizard you can upload multiple PATguard databases into PATorganiser.

Cloud Based

Access PATorganiser from anywhere on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. Just log-in and access your files anywhere anytime. The perfect extended network solution.

Asset Management

PATorganiser is a robust basic Asset Management tool. It’s easy to add, edit, store, move, tag photos and manage your asset database.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate easy to read reports at the touch of a button. Extensive range of reports available. Email the reports as PDF or CSV and store them securely for easy retrieval if needed.

Dashboard Overview

Our dashboard gives you an easy to view run down of reports to do, recently loaded tests, recent reports, upcoming calendar appointments and instrument calibrations due.

Import Data

You can directly import your old databases into PATorganiser. You can import data from any legacy Test and Tag management software and also import via our CSV importer templates.

Secure Data Storage

Safely store all your data in one safe and secure environment on the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Hear What Other Users Are Saying

  • David Bassett
    David Bassett DMX Electrical

    “Handles Hundreds of Thousands of Tests With Ease”

    Although we run a sophisticated job management system, we found that it just wasn’t up to the task of dealing with hundreds of thousands of tests that we carry out yearly on portable appliances. The fact that it is cloud based has made it simple for our whole team to get access to the data whenever we need it. I whole heartedly recommend PATorganiser.